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Default Cyberpunk, the system

The System
Cyberpunk is a unique system in a number of ways. First, the character generation process is rich, organic, and time consuming. The Lifepath generates enemies, allies, and special events that shape the character and his capabilities. We short circuited that, but it remains important for the next pair of points.

First, characters aren't newbs. They are fully fleshed people with a support network, skills, favors, and equipment that most systems don't allow until much later in the game. Skills are ranked from 1-10 (with a couple of legends maybe having an 11). Skill levels of 1-3 denote self training or on the job training. Skill levels of 4-6 indicate a professional level of skill. Skill levels of 7-9 indicate mastery of a skill, while a 10 indicates somebody who has mastered every aspect of every possible usage of a skill; a legend.

That means that a beginning Solo, for example, can take a 10 in rifle and have a legendary level of skill with that weapon. He'll pay for it, because the rest of his skills won't be able to support that level of skill. But in that one thing, he is among the absolute best in the world. Right out of the box.

The second point is that characters are supposed to have a set of favors, debts, money, and just all around bits acquired through the Lifepath that gives them a place in the world. It doesn't apply in this particular game, but remember that your characters have had significant life experience and training before they ever joined the Marines.

The next thing to know is this:

There are no dump stats in this system.

Let me repeat that:

There are no dump stats in this system.

Every Stat is important to every Role. Int and Ref directly affect the majority of rolls your character will make. Tech defines your ability to understand and interact with technology. MA directly affects how fast you can run away (or towards) trouble. Luck lets you directly affect your dice rolls. Body directly affects your survivability and physical capabilities. Emp measures your ability to deal with other people, as well as limiting how much cyberware you can take without going insane. Cool reflects both your ability to intimidate and to not be intimidated, as well as your likelihood of keeping your head in stress situations.

Fourth point. There is virtually no survivability change from the beginning of a campaign to the end from character growth. Survivability growth is totally a function of gear. Read the combat system, below, and that will be clearer. But even the biggest badass in the game knows that one good shot to the head will put him down.

System (skills)

The character will always roll Stat + Skill +/- situational modifiers +/- equipment modifiers. A roll of 10 is considered to be a critical success. Roll an additional d10 and add it to your roll. a 1 is a critical failure, which is then rolled on an applicable table.

For most things, this will go against a static number determined by the difficulty of the action.
Easy 10+
Average 15+
Difficult 20+
Very Difficult 25+
Nearly impossible 30+

Page 42 of CP2020 has a list of example difficulty modifiers that everybody should look at.

Opposed skills are a different case; in that case you roll your skill roll and somebody else rolls theirs. High roll wins. For example, when sneaking up on a sentry you make an opposed stealth roll vs the sentries awareness roll. If the person sneaking wins the contest, the sentry doesn't see him and he can do as he likes. If the sentry has the high roll, he can see him and has the opportunity to react.


Friday Night Firefight runs from p97 to p112 of CP2020. Read it. It's 15 pages of the most simple, brutal, and realistic combat system in the whole of role playing gaming. I'm going to try and digest it down to a few paragraphs, but since it's already so information dense I'll be leaving a lot of it out. So do yourself (and your gming if you gm) a favor and read it.

Combat rounds are 3 seconds. Initiative is decided by a roll of:

d10+ref+combat sense

This is part of the reason that Solo's are bad news for the opposite side. They are the only ones with combat sense. Since they also tend to have high REF, that means that they typically go first and with the lethality of the system pretty much kill the shit out of everything else in combat.

You can declare a 'fast draw' for a +3 initiative, but you are then -3 to hit.

When it's your turn (via initiative) you can perform one of these without penalty:

Move 3x MA in meters
Attack with single shot, or burst, or automatic maneuver up to your weapons ROF
Melee attack
Dodge (works on melee attacks only)
Escape hold or trap
Aim(gains +1 per turn up to +3)
Reload or change weapons
Mount or dismount a vehicle
Repair or give Medical Aid
Perform a non combat task that can be performed in 3 seconds

Multiple actions can be taken at a -3 to each successive action

If you can ambush someone it will give you a +5 to attack for a full round. Be aware that initiative will be rolled as normal.

Firearm Difficulty
Range Definition Difficulty
Point Blank Close to or contact 1m 10
Close 1/4 of range of weapon 15
Medium 1/2 range 20
Long Listed range 25
Extreme 2x range

The range for each weapon is listed in the weapons codes for each weapon.

Note that there are additional modifiers available (both positive and negative) relating to movement, size, sighting, and lighting. P99. Learn it or be killed by it.

Automatic weapon maneuvers:
Three round burst: +3 to hit at close/medium range, if sucessful d3 rounds hit
Autofire: +1 to hit per 10 rounds fired at close/pb range, -1 to hit per 10 rounds at all other ranges. 1 round per point of sucess over your necessary to hit number will hit your target. For example, if you rolled a 17 to hit somebody at close range 2 rounds would hit the target, up to a maximum of the number of rounds fired.
Supressive fire: Covers an area with bullets, making it hazardous to pass through. Any target passing through the area must make a save vs. athletics+ref+d10 and beat (bullets fired into the zone/width of zone in meters). For example, 60 bullets in a 2m area would require a 30 roll to avoid the fire. Failure means d6 rounds strike the target.

Once you hit (or are hit by) something, you roll hit location.
If the location has no armor, you don't get the Armor SP (stopping power)

Damge dice roll-targets SP-targets Body type modifier=penetrating damage

Head hits double penetrating damage.

If 8 pts or more are done, the targeting location is destroyed. Make an immediate death save at mortal 0 or die. If it's the head, the target just dies. If it's not, life is still going to suck for them.


If you look at the character sheets on p30, you'll see the words light, serious, critical, and mortal of various flavors above 4 boxes. Each point of damage crosses off one box. When your character has even one tick in a wound state, he takes the penalty(s) for that wound state.

Light: No penalties. It just hurts like a bitch.
Serious: -2 ref for all actions. Hurting, bleeding, hampered
Critical: REF, INT, CL halved (round up). The character is holding their own guts in while trying to fight
Mortal: REF, INT, CL 1/3. Character is dying, and will die without attention.
Mortal 1,2,3... etc: It just gets worse.

Stun/shock saves
Every time a character takes damage, a stun/shock save is made. The base number you need to roll on a d10 is the characters Body stat, minus a penalty based on the characters wound state.
Light: 0
Serious: -1
Mortal: -3 and down

Death save
Every round a character is at a mortal wound state without being treated, he must make a death save. Your target is Body-Mortal wound level on a d10.

I've tried to put the most relevant information here. If you have questions, let me know and I'll do the best I can to answer them. I will post a similar explanation on the gear page for gear tomorrow.
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